Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Spruce Up the Shirt Following Directions Game

Sometimes I go looking for specific clipart for an activity, but sometimes I see clipart that I really like and try to come up with a corresponding activity. In this case, it was the latter. I was perusing (I love her graphics!) and came across these T-shirts. BINGO!

I love activities that gets kids up and moving, especially for following directions. 

I give you: Spruce Up the Shirt - 2 Step Directions!

There are 8 different colored shirts. Print out, cut and laminate for durability. Place one side of Velcro in four places on each shirt. Hang the shirts on the wall. 

These are the items your students will be placing on the shirts. Cut out, laminate and place all cards on a table so that all are visible:

Below is an example of the 2 step directions in which students have to place one item and follow an "action" direction (these cards have BLACK writing):

I also included 2 step directions that involve placing 2 items on different colored shirts (these cards have BLUE writing):

Each shirt will have 4 items on it when completed. An example:

Play the games separately to avoid confusion! I also included blank cards to add your own. You can get this HERE


  1. I just love your work! Great prices for great activities, just added 4 items to my TpT cart! :) Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm adding more very soon!