Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winter Vowel Freebie

I asked my Facebook followers what kinds of freebies they prefer: stand-alone or samples of larger documents. I got a resounding "stand-alone" response. I probably will still include samples of larger documents sometimes because I think some people enjoy getting to try out games to see if they will work before purchasing them. But I do understand wanting "stand-alone" freebies! So I will continue to do both, but put emphasis on more of what you all want! 

Without further ado, this freebie is not as speech-related. I have some kids that seem to have difficulty with vowels this year. Short vowels in particular. I also know kids with apraxia tend to demonstrate difficulty with vowels. I created a winter-themed freebie called "Stick It In A Hat: Short Vowel Sort."

Each "hat" is a different color and a different short vowel:

Mitten colors correspond to the hat (but your students don't have to know that in the beginning):

There are 15 "mitten" cards for each short vowel, which gives you a total of 75 different words. Students draw a mitten, practice saying the word, and then "stick it" in the correct hat! You can bring in 5 different real hats if you want to make this activity more fun! 

Get this freebie HERE

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  1. Love this too!! I have a couple of students struggling with vowels - discrim and production. This is great!