Sunday, March 31, 2013

Busy Weekend! Psst...freebie

Happy Easter, Passover, Spring Break to you all!

Decided to throw a freebie your way in the form of April Fool's Articulation (which is very similar to my 100th Day Articulation that people seemed to like). Click the picture below to be taken to the April Fool's activity and see an example below:

Some other new products in my store are: Multisyllabic Flowers and Mirror  - Summer Shades. Click on the title pages to be taken to the product! For Multisyllabic Flowers, I included some cards with pictures and some without, in an effort to get everyone what they needed:

Mirror - Summer Shades focusing on auditory memory and organization. Each pair of "shades" has 4 words that have to be rearranged to formulate a grammatically correct sentence. 

Hope you enjoy!

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