Monday, October 7, 2013

A-HA Moment: Penlight Double Duty

Penlights! We all have them, no? They are those wonderful little tools for looking (or not looking, depending on the willingness of the child) into mouths to check for adequate structure and function! I have a boring gray one, but some apparently come in fun colors!

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So I happened to be working with a student on identifying key words. For whatever reason, I had my penlight on my desk and suddenly had a good idea. It's sort of the magic of those fun little secret decoder from Super Duper:

I grabbed the penlight and told my student he needed to shin the light on the key words! BINGO! Motivation appeared out of nowhere and he became much more engaged in the task. I think I'll be using this idea much more often now!

Love those A-HA moments! :)

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