Friday, October 25, 2013

Peek At My Week: 10/25

This week, I decided to focus on pumpkins since Halloween is just around the corner. This was my very easy craft for the week:

It involved very little prep: just cut up some green and orange paper and grab some paper plates from my giant stack. I loved that I could customize the craft for the groups I was working with. 

For my language groups, we read this article about the life cycle of a pumpkin from Read Works (you have to sign up to access the article, but it's free). It was a great way to work on sequencing, retelling, and vocabulary. I wrote the steps to the life cycle on the pumpkin and wrote a note to parents on the stem ("ask me what I learned in speech today!"). 

For my articulation groups, I wrote words with target sounds on the pumpkin.

For my older elementary kids, we watched a video about the mystery of King Tut's death, which can be found here on Watch Know Learn. I found a free worksheet from Education World here, which provided a lot of practice with listening/reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. A lot of my older kids have goals for predicting, inferring, and identifying details in passages. 

For my younger kids and some of the kids in the autism classroom, I found a simple book on Speaking of Speech that worked well for many things. It's under Materials Exchange, Thematic Units, Halloween and it's about halfway down the page. 

The format is "I see a _____," so I was able to work on Halloween vocabulary, expanding utterances, and sequencing. I think the kids had fun this week! What did you do?

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