Friday, October 4, 2013

Peek At My Week: 10/4

This week marked the beginning of October! To me, fall means pumpkins, apples, possibly early snow (depending on where you live), and pulling out the sweaters. Although I'd have to say summer is my favorite season, I do really enjoy pumpkin and apple baked goods. I also feel like fall marks the beginning of the holiday season - another thing I really love.

Last week, one of my 5th grade boys was complaining that he didn't want to come to speech. I get it - at that age, being pulled out isn't fun. I pull him with 2 other 5th grade boys, so it seemed to derail parts of the session. Instead of taking it personally (what?! you don't want to come and see all the AWESOME things I have planned?!!), I decided to try something different with this group. I designed a Jeopardy game (google Jeopardy powerpoint template - you'll find a bunch to choose from).

I used the following categories: details, summarize, infer, predict and wild. It seemed to hold their attention and I felt like I got more accomplished. This student did say he didn't like Jeopardy; however, he seemed to have fun. I ended up using it with a few other groups and everyone had fun keeping track of their points. 

Other activities included: Leaves Everywhere from Chapel Hill Snippets (free printable book) and some bingo dot pages for my younger kids. I think I've finally found a good way to plan my week, so I'll share that in the coming weeks! 

What did you do this week? 

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