Friday, December 6, 2013

Peek At My Week 12/6

Whoa, December?! This week involved some snowmen, some sticky letters, and some other (sort of) winter related topics. It's hard to think about winter when temperatures here have hit mid to high 60s. I'm used to snow by this time of year. Snowmen were the last thing on my mind...

I was excited to use my new snowman mini book (found HERE) with my younger kids. It was a huge hit! I put velcro on the pieces and had the kids finding the items to place in the book. Since I introduced the book this week, I plan to do follow-up activities next week. Disclaimer: I really had to try hard to find things to rhyme (I understand purple and wool is not the best - but I worked with what I had). The kids didn't seem to care and thought it was hilarious that the snowman couldn't decide what to wear!

I played Cariboo for my social skills group in the autism classroom. I have yet to find a kid who doesn't LOVE that game.

Some of my plans just seemed to be scattered this week. We talked a little about Thanksgiving, though most kids had already moved on to Christmas and December holidays. I did pick up these gel letters from the Target dollar section. They originally spelled Merry Christmas, but I mixed them up and had kids spelling words and making words with their artic sounds (with some added letters). They liked to squish the letters...whatever works, right?!

Sorry about the bad picture, I snapped it quickly!

What do you do the week after Thanksgiving?

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