Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Clinical Skills Confidence: Speech Therapy Materials That Won't Break The Bank

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I'm fairly certain that most SLPs have very little (if any) money to spend when it comes to therapy materials. During the jobs that I've had since graduating, I got used to purchasing or making my own materials. I don't necessarily see this as a bad thing - mainly because if I leave the job, I get to take whatever I bought with me. 

But I don't have endless funds of my own to spend, so recently I've taken a trip off the beaten path to find some other low cost options for materials. Confession: I get bored with the same materials over and over, so I like to change it up just as much as the kids do!

Don't get me wrong: I frequent Super Duper and Linguisystems often. I REALLY miss Super Duper's 50% off weekly sales - as that was my go-to pretty much every week. There has been one weekly deal lately that is usually 50% off. Oh, and obviously TpT!!!

I thought I'd share some other websites that I have found some pretty awesome deals on (I was not provided any compensation for mentioning these sites and I have not personally ordered from all of them, they are simply ones that I've found on my own):

1. Educational Insights: Their $10 and below section currently has things like Hot Dots, Make Your Own Hot Dots set ($5.49), and phonics books. 

2. Speaking Of Speech Swap Meet: This website, created by Pat Mervine, allows SLPs to post materials for sale. All arrangements must be made by the individuals. 

3. Really Good Stuff: The Outlet section has tons of items, separated by category (under $1.00, under $2.00, language arts, etc). You might need to do a little more digging, but finding a deal makes it worthwhile!

4. Etsy: If you search "speech therapy," you can order from a shop called SENtoys or Felt Resources that have some items that I think would be great for therapy. I have lost countless hours of time just searching all the other great stuff on Etsy, like Dean Trout's Little Shop of SLP for totes that will hold all your materials! SLPMomma takes care of SLPs around the world!

5. MpM School Supplies: Their clearance section is amazing! Some things that caught my eye were Memory Boosting Mnemonic Songs for Grammar, Storytelling with Puppets, Props, and Patterns, and several books.

These are just a few websites that you might want to check out. I always like Oriental Trading, local consignment and thrift stores, Dollar Tree, and the Dollar Spot at Target. What is your favorite place to score a deal?

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