Saturday, January 25, 2014

Love It & List It Linky

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This month's Love It & List It Linky features social skills materials. Jenna kicks it off with her picks here. Make sure to head there to check out other SLP bloggers' picks!

Here are mine:

1. You Are A Social Detective!: This is probably on a lot of peoples' lists, as it's a great starting point for the Social Thinking Curriculum. The comic book format is engaging for kids and you can carryover the concepts into different environments.

2. Emotion Select: This is a $0.99 app for teaching basic emotions. It's a recent addition to my iPad, but I'm beginning to focus on facial expressions with a few of my students and this is a great starting point.

3. I've been doing weekly social skills groups with the autism teacher at my school. We have been using Cariboo as our "game" because it's adaptable for different levels. The main focus has been getting the kids to request their turn, wait for their turn, and pass the box onto the next person. If they're higher functioning, I can have them request the door they'd like to open. Unfortunately, they don't make this game anymore, but sometimes you can find it in local thrift stores!

4. Polar Bear Pragmatics: This is an activity I created and it's perfect for the winter months because it features adorable polar bears! It focuses on topic initiation, topic maintenance, appropriate responses, emotions, and tone of voice.

5. Talking Stick: At the beginning of the year, I had a pretty chatty group who would all talk over one another. My solution? I made a talking stick. I had a cardboard roll from something (you could use a paper towel roll) and covered it with washi tape. I used it with this group with the stipulation that only the student with the stick could talk while others had to be listening. Worked like a charm! I don't have a picture of it because it's at work.

There ya have it!

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