Friday, January 31, 2014

Peek At My Week 1/31

Full disclosure - this week was disjointed. We had a professional development day today, so that always throws me off a bit. End of the quarter means progress reports (check out my tips for those here). I managed to get "in the zone" and got mine done. Hooray!

I did try out the Let's Be Social app on Monday with a few of my kids, and it went very well. If you're interested in the app for yourself, read about my experience here. I haven't had an A-HA moment in quite awhile, but I had one on Sunday! <--- check it out because you'll get a freebie! 

Next week, I'm hoping schedules and such will get back to normal. I'm planning on taking some time to plan for next month. I'm trying really hard to plan smarter, not harder (#2 of my 2014 resolutions). To do this, instead of planning for each week, I'm trying to plan for the whole month. We'll see how it goes. I may have to just try 2 weeks to begin with. 

Several of my kids have goals for irregular plurals. These unfortunately require a lot of drill, because they're...well, irregular. I've noticed my kids have a really tough time with the nouns that have the same singular and plural form. So I made a poem that you can grab for free! Just click the picture below!

Back to normal next week! What was your week like?

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