Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Take the TPT Plunge Linky

Have you heard of people talking about the freebies at TpT and only heading there for those? I have! While the freebies are awesome, I think there's even more "awesome-ness" in paid products. Why?! Where else can you get a whole lesson (sometimes more) for mere dollars?  

Felice at The Dabbling Speechie came up with a great idea to share what products we've bought that have made our lives easier or made us a better therapist. These are my two picks (click the pictures to be taken to the product):

Nicole Allison's No-Print Expressive Language Pack: The kids love this! I don't have to print and laminate it! Win-win!

I have a lot of preschoolers on my caseload right now who are unintelligible. These flip cards from Kathy Grover make a quick and simple way to drill CV words in the beginning of the session.

The bestselling product in my store (and one that makes a frequent appearance) in my therapy room are my WH questions with visuals. There is also an add-on WHAT question pack! 

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  1. Love your wh-question pack. It is now on my wishlist when we have another sale! Thanks for linking up!!