Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How Do You Use It? Linky

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Post-its!!! I love them. All sizes, all colors, name brand, and off brand! Here's how I like to use them:

1. Keeping tabs on E.I.P.: I like to use post-its on my folders so I can check things off as I go, plus I write the chronological age on one so I don't have to keep figuring it out.

2. Retelling: When I'm starting to work on retelling stories with students, I like to put 4-5 on the table. We write characters, setting, problem, solution, and events (or a combination of those) on each post-it and fill it out as we read the story. It's a graphic organizer that you can move around. Sometimes I'll write events that happened in the story on each post-it and mix it up to have the students put the events in the correct order.

3. I use post-its on my desk to write reminders to myself.

4. I stick post-its in books to remind students of important events that happened or I'll use my Story Telling Stickups (free).

These are some of my favorite post-its:


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