Thursday, August 7, 2014

Back To School Roundup

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August has arrived, which means only one thing. Back To School is just around the corner. Or already  here in some states. Here is my advice for this time of year:

1. Take a moment to have a good cry at the thought of returning to school.
2. Go to Target and look at all the pretty, new office supplies - if you're anything like me, you actually enjoy this part. 
3. Soak up those final sweet moments of summer vacation!
4. Stop here and I'll show you some awesome back to school finds!

Here are some of the activities from my store that will work for this time of year:

When's Your Birthday? Freebie: Students will use their listening and problem solving skills to figure out the birthdays of the 24 students in Room 365. 

Back To School SLP Checklist Freebie: Use this checklist at the beginning of the year to make sure you've got all your bases covered to start the year off on a good foot!

Language Sample Prompts: You can use these cards to get to know your students or start general conversations that can help you gather baseline data.

My Speech-O-Graphy: A brand new very easy craft activity that doubles as a back to school and a "get to know you activity." Only $1.00!!

Speech & Language Zoo: Chock full of activities to target 22 commonly targeted areas of speech and language. 120 pages!!

Here are some other activities that would work well for back to school from some fellow SLP bloggers:

Speech and Student Information Packet: by Major Speech Pathology by a Minor Girl (7th-12th grade)

Back To School Fun Pack by Mia McDaniel

SLP Office Signs by Queen's Speech

There are TONS of great things out there!!

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