Sunday, October 12, 2014

Peek At My Week 10/12

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Week #7: 3 DAY WEEKEND. Need I say more? But there are still 4 other days to plan for, so here it goes:

Preschool: I picked up a Lucky Ducks game during a recent thrift store jaunt, so that'll be making an appearance for this crowd. Ducks + Phonology Interactive Books = fun!


Autism and K-2: I just finished and posted a mini-book and activities for Batty Associations. Which will go perfectly with a book called Five Little Bats Flying In the Night by Steve Metzger.


The mini-book contains activities for fall/Halloween vocabulary, associations, following directions, and overall language skills. It will help these kids work on a variety of skills! Click the picture below to check out the listing.

The mini-book features bats who are missing associated items. 

 The pieces can be placed into the book:

There are WH questions with visual choices:

A cut and paste sequencing mat:

3rd-5th: Using this synonym freebie from Activity Tailor. 
I'm also using the October task cards from my Find and Fix Irregular Past Tense Verb Cards that was just posted. Plus, some of the activities in the football section of S.A.L.L. for ALL.  


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  1. Batty Associations is just what I need for one of my students. Thanks for the suggestion!
    I was on Fall Break last week, so no "Week in Review" linky! It'll be back up this week.