Monday, January 28, 2013

Chain Letter Link-Up ROUND-UP

In early December, I decided to see if any speech bloggers would be willing to participate in a "chain letter" in which I interviewed 4 bloggers. They then were asked to interview 2 other bloggers to continue the chain. I thought it would be a good idea to try "round-up" all the interviews to have in one central place. These are the links that I've received so far:

1. Carissa (Home Sweet Speech Room) interviewed Rachel Jones (Let's Talk SLP) 

2. Carrie (Carrie's Speech Corner) interviewed Jenn (Crazy Speech World) and Brea (Let's Talk Speech Language Pathology)

3. The Speech Ladies interviewed Natalie (Just Wright Speech) and Leslie Lindsay (Leslie 4 Kids) 

4. Amy (Major Speech Pathology by a Minor Girl) interviewed Danielle (Sublime Speech) and Whitney (Let's Talk)

5. Lindsay (Word Nerd Speech Teach) interviewed Tej (Let's Talk Speech Language) and Amy (Major Speech Pathology by a Minor Girl)

6. Speechy Musings interviewed Lauren (Busy Bee Speech) and Felice (The Dabbling Speechie):

7. Kristine (Live Love Speech) interviewed Tatyana (Smart Speech Therapy) and Jennifer (Speech Universe):

8. Brea (Let's Talk Speech Language Pathology) interviewed Communication Station and Alexis (Practically Speeching):

9. Lauren (Busy Bee Speech) interviewed Kristina and Cindy (The Speech Ladies) and Mia (Putting Words In Your Mouth):

10. Maria (Communication Station: Speech Therapy LLC) interviewed Nanette (Speech2Me) and Kristin ([Simply Speech.]):

11. Nanette (Speech2Me) interviewed Rose (Speech Snacks) and Liz (Speech Lady Liz):

12. Maureen (The Speech Bubble) interviewed Kristin ([simply speech.]):

If you've participated and want to be added to this list, 

email me a link to your post at! Let's keep the chain going!

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