Friday, November 14, 2014

Big Announcement!

It's time for that announcement! Sunday (November 16th) marks 2 years of starting this blog! What better way to do that than with a new home? Please join me on Sunday over at and enter to win a fabulous giveaway! From now on, that's where you'll be finding me!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Peek At My Week 11/9

Disclaimer: Affiliate links included for your convenience!

Autism: Thanksgiving vocabulary, pie basic concepts, and category turkeys! Pictures link to the item:

What Does Turkey Todd Eat? story from No-Words:

Harvest vocabulary from Carly Fowler:

Where is the Pie? by Trae Ransome:

Category Turkeys from Jenna Rayburn:

K-2nd: I picked up a stacking chairs game on my last run to the thrift store. I couldn't find a link to the exact game, but the link below looks similar. Basically, it's a bunch of plastic chairs that you try to stack up so they don't fall. I plan to use it for reinforcement for artic drill.

We're reading Run, Turkey, Run by Diane Mayr. This is an adorable book! I know it's a little early to be talking turkey, but I can't help it. 


3rd-5th: Also using the stacking chairs game as reinforcement. Link to what I plan to use below:

Parts of my November Mystery:

November Calendar Activities by SLPrunner: This is great for language as well as temporal concepts.

I Have, Who Has Thanksgiving Edition from Emily Richardson:

Turkey and pie idiom match from SLP Madness:

A nonfiction passage from Nicole Allison - we're going to learn about the Harvest Moon this week!

That does it for this week! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thank You Notes Freebie

It's November and that means it's a time to be thankful. One of the things I'm very appreciative of is that my parents taught me to always write thank you notes for things that I received. In this age of technology, it might be a lost art. I think it's important to teach kids to write thank you notes, so I created a freebie just for that!

 There is a sample thank you note with indicator arrows for important pieces to include:

There are writing prompts:

There are also social language questions that can promote discussion:

Plus, a blank template to write a note:

Click the picture up at the top of the post to be taken to the freebie!! Enjoy and be thankful!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Peek At My Week 11/2

Did you remember to set your clocks back an hour? I never like when it gets dark earlier - I'm not a night owl. But I'll take an extra hour a sleep!

We have parent conferences and workdays this week, so it's definitely not a typical week. It's also progress report time, but using my system from last year, I was able to complete all 50+ reports throughout the week. To save my sanity, my plans will be quick and easy this week! I have an observation scheduled for this week too, so I wanted to keep things simple. 

Autism: Spider craft - I think I saw this on Pinterest or somewhere, but I can remember where. I made one before I left school Friday as an example and then forgot to snap a picture. Basically I cut out circles for the bodies, and strips of black paper for the legs. The kids will glue 8 legs and draw eyes with a white crayon. I will be using The Sticky, Spider Webs book from No-Words. The spiders catch various items, so I will use it for vocabulary and WH questions. 

K-2: Spider craft here too. If the student is artic, we'll be finding and gluing pictures with our sounds on the legs. If the student is language, we'll also be using the spider book from No-Words. I made up a sheet of black and white pictures from the spider book and will have the kids glue these words on after we read the book (there are 11 pictures, we'll glue 8 of them). You can download a copy of the black and white pictures here:

3rd-5th: I also plan to use the spider book from No-Words for some of these students, but will be focusing on creating complex sentences. I'll also be using portions of my November Mystery for these kids. 

Happy November!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Mystery

It seemed that people enjoyed October's Mystery product. So I'm doing it again for the month of November. This month's mystery is for upper elementary grades (3-6). Here's a little hint: I asked my FB followers what their most commonly targeted goals were for this age group. I asked for a reason...hint, hint.

This month, there are a good variety of activities. Some are in color, some in black and white. There is an open-ended component as well. Since it's geared towards older kids, there is a writing activity as well. Similar to last month, if you purchase and leave feedback, you can enter a special giveaway so be sure to head back here to do that! 

This listing will be available for the month of November only and then it will disappear. I'm enjoying the fun of this and hope you are too! Click here to check out the listing!

To enter the giveaway, you MUST LEAVE FEEDBACK on the purchase. Leave your TpT username where it requests, so I can verify your purchase. If you win, you get to choose any product from my store (no bundles).