Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday means a freebie (this week anyway)!

Don't you love when a bolt of inspiration hits you in the middle of a therapy session? This happened yesterday for me. I was doing a session with a high energy student and we were using a one hole punch. Interestingly, it was for a craft that didn't end up working out (oops - my fault). This student really seemed to like "punching" holes out and suddenly it hit me. We headed over to the computer and I quickly made up some punch cards, which amounted to a paper that we cut out with the heading XXX's Punch Card. I let him take them home and said he could punch out the holes after saying 3 words. He loved it so much, I decided to create some cleaner ones. 

You can get this freebie by clicking here! Simply print as many as you need. 


  1. I can't express my love for this idea!!!!! It's so simple and yet so FANTASTIC! I can see these simple cards being used for simple articulation practice as well as for children with CAS...practicing a sound or sequence of sounds 10xs with immediate can punch wholes, or add dot stickers...use dot markers...make playdough dots...glue pom poms...oh my many awesome ways to twist this simple activity! Definitely sharing on my FB page! LOVE! Thanks for sharing your inspiration!!!!!

  2. Very cute idea! My kids always love when they get to use a hole-punch! Thanks for sharing :)