Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My mirror activities have been a hit, so I'm in the process of creating more. Mirror-TIC: K, G has been posted and takes the same format as the other Mirror-TIC activities. 

Next up, Mirror-SYNANT! 

I experimented with a more language-based one with Mirror-CATEGORIES (it's free!), so I thought I'd try another one. SYNANT stands for synonyms (SYN) and antonyms (ANT). 

You get a word list with 27 pairs of each. Each word is on a camera, so this game can be play in a couple different ways. Have students try to find pairs by choosing 2 camera cards, or have students pick up a camera and provide a synonym/antonym. See word list below:

Green cameras are antonyms:

Blue cameras are synonyms:

Half page HW sheets are also included for additional practice at home:

Get this HERE

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