Friday, March 29, 2013

Clinical Skills Confidence: Assessments

Next up: Assessments!

Since graduating, I've definitely become much more comfortable with assessments. After a few times of giving a test, I think you become more comfortable with it. There are still moments of panic, such as "wait...I can't remember the ceiling!!!" 

Outside of articulation tests, most testing situations can be long and may get rather boring for a student. Read on for my tips for keeping a student's attention during testing situations:

1. Magic Wand: I picked up some drink stirrers from Target on clearance one time (red and green). They are simple plastic "wand" type things with a plastic figure on top (I think one is a flower and one is a circle type thing). When subtests require students to point to pictures and they're getting antsy, I usually say "do you want to use the magic wand?" For whatever reason, it holds their attention for awhile!

2. Time's Up: This is sort of a no-brainer. If students respond well to timers, you can set one for a certain amount of time and then take a break when it goes off. 

3. Magnetic Wand and Chips: Gotta love these things! Lay a bunch out on the table and let the student pick up a chip with the wand after answering a few questions. 

4. Coin In The Cup: I have some plastic coins that are great for students who like to "earn" something for doing a good job. Simply drop a coin in the cup after a few questions!

5. Pay Up: Use some play money and give students a dollar for answering a certain amount of questions. 

6. Treasure Chest Trip: Sometimes just promising a trip to my treasure chest is enough to make students keep working!

What are YOUR tips for keeping students' attention during testing?

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