Sunday, March 3, 2013

Irregular Past Tense Rhyme Time + Giveaway

I notice that I work on irregular past tense A LOT with several of my students. Being that it's "irregular," I'm constantly looking for ways to target it so that students will remember the irregular past tense form. I decided rhyming was the way to go. 

I give you: Irregular Past Tense Rhyme Time!

This is unlike any other activity I currently have in my TpT store, but different isn't bad! 

There are 20 common irregular past tense verbs that are included. Each is on a separate page, so that they can be compiled into a book. 

The first sentence uses the verb in present tense. The last word in the sentence rhymes with the irregular past tense form; rhyming words are underlined. Verbs themselves are in capital letters. Rhyming words are also found in the speech bubbles. The idea is that this may help students remember the past tense verb form more easily!

There is a reproducible worksheet included so that students can have additional practice with using the irregular past tense verb form in sentences.

There is also a reproducible mini booklet that students can put together to take home. 

There is also a pre/post-test and word list included! Get it HERE if you think it will help your students!


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