Friday, March 8, 2013

Ode to Target

This post is purely for fun. If you are an SLP and have a Target within a 50 mile radius, I'm guessing that you a frequent customer. By frequent, I mean you go weekly (sometimes more than that if you found a good idea on Pinterest or speech blog and the author mentioned picking up items at Target). 

Hi, I am the author of Teach Speech 365 and I freely admit that I will go to Target just to walk around - which usually results in me leaving with SOMETHING that I plan to use in therapy. So I give you a poem - maybe it'll put a smile on your face!


Oh Target, how I love thee,
I always leave with at least one item (or thirty three),

I'm just one fairly crafty SLP,
Big material budgets, we don't have (usually),

So I need to find other ways,
To help my students practice their L's, R's and K's,  

This means I spend a lot of time in the Dollar Spot,
Looking for that yellow, red, or blue dot,

There's always some fun, seasonal things,
That make my students feel like queens and kings, 

Educational, silly, or a storage bin, 
Not getting excited should really be a sin,

I can find a colorful tray, 
Sorting for categories or seasons - what the hey?

Play dough for a little hand,
Maracas or instruments, let's make a band,

Craft materials or a little treat,
Make my students say, "speech is really neat!"

Ask any SLP, they will say "I got it at Target!"
Don't ever go out of business because SLPs will throw a giant fit!

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