Friday, March 22, 2013

SLP Link Up

I decided to participate in this SLP Link Up started by Laura of Oh, How Pintearesting! Click on the link to get instructions if you'd like to join!

Font is by Cara Carroll of the First Grade Parade.

State of Mind: Excited! Spring is here and I'm making some life changes in the next few months that I'm really excited about!! More about that later. I just love spring, because it means summer is just around the corner!

Loving: Blogging. I started in November of 2012 and have truly enjoyed this new venture. The SLP community is so supportive that it makes me proud to be a part of it!

Prepping: Apraxia Packet for Early Sounds from Lauren LaCour of Busy Bee Speech and Word Finding Fun At the Circus from Miss Speechie of Speech Time Fun! 

Look for some fun, new spring related materials from me!! 


  1. Thanks for joining up! A circus theme sounds fun!

    Oh, How Pintearesting!

  2. I started blogging around the same time as you and am also loving it! You materials you are prepping sound great. I'll ha be to go check them out!

  3. I have the apraxia packet...just need more ink so i can print it...along with all the other great materials out there!

    PS, I did just laminate your Wh questions packet the other day!

  4. I love blogging too :) Always keep me excited about the field, even though graduate school! Now I'm off to check out the materials you posted! I can never have enough!!

  5. I can't wait for Summer either! Plus I really like blogging-I find it forces me to think about my activities in a different way.

  6. I love blogging, too! I'm also looking forward to spring, though we're getting pounded with snow right now!!!

  7. I should start a circus theme! I have a couple of products that I bought off of TPT with a circus theme. Hopefully over the summer, I can really get all the materials I bought prepped. Right now, I have many just waiting to be printed!

  8. I too am loving blogging and loving YOUR blog! I can't wait to see what other apraxia goodies you have for in store for us!!! Happy you linked up :)

  9. Oh, life changes...intriguing! I have been enjoying the blogging community too since joining back in July. Nice to 'meet' you through this linky party!

    Schoolhouse Talk!

  10. This link up was lots of fun!! I agree with you- summer IS just right around the corner- today is my last day of Spring Break and I already put up a summer "countdown" at the garage down for myself and my son (38 work/school days left for us!) Is that bad? haha
    Hope you enjoyed your break :) I just started blogging right before the New Year and I'm with you- LOVING IT!
    -Mia @ puttingwordsinyourmouth