Tuesday, April 16, 2013

{Review} Ice Cream Adjectives

I was so excited to be asked to review a product for Miss Speechie of Speech Time Fun! I chose Ice Cream Adjectives because summer is just around the corner and I have some kids working on adjectives. Head on over to her blog to see her review of There Was A Silly SLP Who Got Stuck To Some Plurals!

In this activity, you get the following:
-Sort by Senses activity: I love this one! You sort the adjectives by sense (ex. salty - taste, sticky - touch).  I love that there is a visual included!

-Describing Cones activity: there are 8 cones that each have an adjective. Students sort the ice cream scoops by the adjective. This activity was the main reason I really liked this activity, because I have a lot of preschoolers who need the visuals. Plus, you can use the scoops for describing, sentence formulation, etc. I have one student who can read, so I created a sentence prompt to encourage a complete sentence: The (item) is (adjective). 

-Listening For Adjectives activity: Students listen to a sentence and state what adjective they heard. 

-Complete the Sentence card game: Students fill in an adjective. If they provide an appropriate one, they keep the card. There are point values on the card, so students can add up the points to see who wins. 

There is also a board game, a color by adjective page, a review worksheet, and a word search! My students really enjoyed putting the colorful ice cream scoops on the cones and I loved that the activity was versatile enough to target other goals. 

Other ideas for this activity: 
-Describe the items on the ice cream scoops
-Pick 2-3 ice cream scoops and create a sentence
-Absurdities: use the complete the sentence cards and put in a silly adjective. Say the sentence and have the student fix the sentence with a more appropriate adjective.
-Following directions: spread out some ice cream scoops and have your students follow directions "find something sticky and then something soft." 

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