Friday, June 7, 2013

A-HA Moment: Velcro Food

It's time for another A-HA moment that I had during a recent therapy session! If you missed my last, one, check out my Chutes & Ladders moment...

This particular moment happened while I was playing with a 3 year old with some plastic food that you can cut apart, such as the following:

We were busily naming foods, telling whether they were fruits or vegetables, what colors they were, etc. when he picked up one of the halves and touched where the velcro dot was. This particular velcro dot happened the be the "hard" side of the velcro. He seemed to be examining it rather closely, and suddenly I was like, "hello adjectives!!!!" Sometimes I wish that my life could be like a movie with that loud, crescendoing music when the character has a great revelations...

I took it from him and said, "oooo, it feels prickly." He said, "prickly" and ran his hand over it. Then we found the other side of the food and discussed the fact that it was "soft." We then continued to pull out the food halves and talked about whether they were "prickly" or "soft." It was a great new way to use this toy that happens to make a regular appearance in my therapy sessions. He loved it and we stayed with this activity for quite a long time!! Another way to extend this activity would be to find various things around the therapy room that feels different.

Has anyone had any great A-HA moments in therapy this week?

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