Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: StoryBook Maker

I am constantly on the lookout for any activities/apps/materials that focus on narrative skills, as this seems to be a very difficult skill for many of my students. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review StoryBook Maker from Merge Mobile

This is a comprehensive story-telling app, to say the least! 

Here is what I love about this app:

-You can publicly share your book (this works both ways: you can download some of the already shared books or share the ones your students have made).
-There are different page templates that you can choose from (title page, pictures with text, etc).
-You can take a picture to place right on a page. This would make it a great app for quickly making a social story for a student and use the student in it! 
-There are several colors to choose from. I've used some other story telling apps that have limited color choices, and my students have been disappointed that they couldn't find the "right" color. 
-Stickers!!! This is my FAVORITE part. I worked on receptive and expressive language with these. The stickers are separated into categories, so I often said, "let's find a ______. Where do you think we should look?" Some of the stickers also perform actions (ex. the ball will drop when you are reading the book), which has been a big hit!
-You can choose sound effects!!! Need I say more?

StoryBook Maker is $3.99 and available through the app store. A great price for a great app!

Merge Mobile is also the company with the ClickySticky apps, which are also popular in my speech room! For a chance to win, Merge Mobile has been kind enough to offer 3 codes for me to giveaway, so enter below:

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  1. I am about to start my CFY in a school setting and getting an IPAD to use with the kiddos! I would love to use this app with them! It sounds like a great one! :)

  2. Storytelling is the number one goal on my caseload. I would love to incorporate technology in to my work.

  3. I would use this to allow students to digitally "publish" their writing samples.

  4. I would use this to let students digitally "publish" their writing.

  5. I would love to use this app for many reasons! Social stories would be great!

  6. I would use this app for working on narratives, as well as sequencing and social skills. It looks great! Thanks!