Friday, June 14, 2013

Trader Joe's in Therapy!

I happened to receive the summer edition of Trader Joe's flyer in the mail today. Trader Joe's is a local grocery store. I was perusing it and suddenly realized I could definitely use this in therapy!

How? Check it out: There are short paragraphs that each describe a product that Trader Joe's carries. Each paragraph is basically a short nonfiction passage wrought with facts about history or the product itself. Prices are also listed for each and every item.

*Looking through this flyer, there were 3 alcoholic beverages listed. You could easily copy the flyer and cut those out though!*

1. Life Skills Shopping: Highlight the prices. Give your students a set amount of money and see what they can purchase with that amount. Great for budgeting and money skills. 

2. Wacky WH Questions: Read a passage aloud and ask your students WH questions.

3. Adjective Attack: Each paragraph has really great, attention-grabbing adjectives to describe the items. Have your students circle them and come up with synonyms or antonyms. 

4. Recipe Round-Up: Pick 3-4 items and discuss what kinds of dishes you could make using the items. Like a mini version of Iron Chef!

5. Persuasion Party: Have your students persuade each other to buy a certain item. 

6. Figurative Language Fun: There's a comic on the front page that uses figurative language. Have your students talk about the meaning of the comic and why it's funny.

The possibilities are endless! I love "speech"cycling things I find around the house!!

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  1. What a great idea! Unfortunately the Trader Joes is on the other side of the state for me but on their website you can sign up for an electronic version to be sent to your email.