Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July SLP Link Up

Laura of All Y'all Need has created another SLP link up! Check out the original picture here! Join the fun and add your 2 cents...here's mine:

Just lounging: I'm still working, so I'm not completely on vacation. But when I get some time, I love to lounge...by the pool, on the couch, you name it. It doesn't matter where, and sometimes I fall asleep...oops!

Using the pool: See above. We have a pool at our apartment complex, so I try to get out there when it's hot. Lately, it's been so humid that even stepping outside takes your breath away. The best days to sit outside are when there's a breeze.

Loving summer: See above (haha). I love summer. Period.

Yummy pasta salad: Summer means BBQ. We had some friends over for the long weekend, and I went a little nuts making food. The good thing is I now have enough pasta salad to last me all week long! 

Hope your summer is fabulous!


  1. Thanks for linking up! Sounds like you're having a fantastic summer! I love pasta salad. Did you use a recipe or just wing it?

    All Y'all Need

  2. I love summer BBQs!! Hanging with friends and cooking is the best :)

    Home Sweet Speech Room