Friday, July 19, 2013

Love It and List It! Linky

I'm linking up with Jenna's Love It and List It! Linky - check out her post here.

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Jenna will be choosing a topic every 3rd Friday of the month. This month she'd like us to share our favorite games! Here goes...

1. Chef Cuckoo: Choose some ingredients to make the best or worst meal (salad, pizza, soup, etc). Students love to discuss how to make the ickiest dinner...the higher the yuck factor, the better! 

2. Funglish: This game has a ton of tiles with different adjectives. Your task is to describe an item by pulling various tiles. Better suited for the older, reading students! I like to use the tiles for sentence formulation and other tasks as well.

3. Melissa and Doug Felt Food: not really a game, but can easily be made into one using any cards/language task. First one to build a whole sandwich wins!

These are just a few in my arsenal!! What are your favorite games???


  1. I have to try out Cheg Cukoo! That's new to me!

    Thanks for Linking up!

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  2. Chef Cuckoo looks like a great game! And I love felt food games too.