Saturday, July 13, 2013

No color ink, no laminating therapy idea

I recently found this great irregular past tense activity from A Speechie's World earlier this week. I decided to share with you a quick idea that involved no color ink and no laminating! The cards are laid out with the present tense verb on the top (spaceship) and the past tense verb on the bottom (alien). I decided to cut out the card and leave the verb pairs attached. See picture on the left:

Sometimes, I will print TPT activities in black and white and let the kids color the cards during the session. I folded the strips and put the cards out on the table with the spaceship facing up. I told the student that our mission was to "find all the aliens!" If he said the correct irregular past tense verb, he got to turn the card over to the alien side. I used 10 cards and really drilled the ones that he was having difficulty with. It was an easy and fun way to work on irregular past tense verbs.

Thanks to A Speechie's World for a great activity!


  1. I love how we each take an idea and spin it in our own creative way! Thanks for sharing! Kathy S.

  2. I second that emotion! And so appreciate the share! Aloha!