Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Show Me The Data Linky Party

Jenn over at Crazy Speech World had an awesome idea to do a data collection linky! So far, a bunch of fabulous SLP bloggers have linked up to bring you their methods of collecting data. I decided to join in the fun. 

I must proceed with a word of caution. Due to moving a lot in recent years, I've had different methods of collecting data, depending on the state and setting I was in. One district had data collection sheets that we were all required to use. That was my Clinical Fellowship Year, so I didn't mind having something already in place. The next year, the district I was in didn't have a formal system, so I made up my own simple data tracking sheet. Then I was in a private practice, which was a whole different ballgame. 

Whew! This fall, I am excited to be returning to the school system. Based on past experiences, I created a sheet that I know I will end up tweaking as the year goes on, but at least it gives you an idea of how I like things laid out. I like to have a big space for writing goals/objectives and an open space to write data. I usually jot myself a note regarding the activity we did. 

Click on the picture below to grab a copy of my data collection sheet! If I change it later, I'll be sure to update it here!

How do you keep your data organized? 


  1. I actually use one very similar to this. I have identifying info on the top, followed by the goals and then thin-ish blocked off rows with space for: date, type of session, type of materials, level of independence, results, and plan for next sess. I fit about 10-15 sessions per page so that my multiple time per week kiddos don't have 50 zillion pages to waft through when its data time.

    For my artic kids I use a paper that I write the date, sound, level in hierarchy and then it has like 50 small numbered boxes with a place for the percentage at the end. I have the kiddos color code it red yellow and green so that they can see their progress from mostly red to more yellow to mostly greens.

  2. Hi Cody! Yes, I probably will tweak this form! Especially for my artic kids that don't need a lot of space. I've made my boxes too small before and hated that I didn't have the extra room to write for my language kids! I usually copy my forms back to back to save on paper! Awesome idea to have the kids color them to show progress!! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I also like the color coding idea...very clever! Thanks TeachSpeech365 for sharing your data system. I do like that you can write a narrative on these forms. I tend to write a lot of notes. Ha! Glad you linked up!!!

  4. Yay for your new job!! Thanks for linking up!!!