Monday, August 5, 2013

August SLP Link Up

All Y'all Need posts a monthly SLP link up which is oh-so-much fun! If you're a blogger and want to link up, check out her post here. If you're not a blogger, it's still fun to read about all the things your fellow SLPs are up to!   

August means back to school for a lot of states! What am I doing?

Buying: Organization items! Why?! I will be starting a new school based job! I'm not sure what my room will look like (or if I'll have one), so I have to wait for a bit to scope out the scene and then go out to buy some of the bigger things. For now, I'm organizing myself by sorting through my materials, books, etc. I also need to buy staples like pens, a planner, and other office type things.

Trying: to soak up as much summer as possible! This is a no brainer. Soon, my brain will be filled with IEP dates, goals, teachers' names, and other information. I love summer weather, so I am trying to be outside as much as possible.

Speeching: Super Duper Publications. Need I say more? They are trying out some new deals lately. Super Duper is always a go-to for materials! They usually change out the deals weekly too. 

What does August mean for you?


  1. Thanks for linking up! Keep enjoying summer, and best wishes for your new job!

    All Y'all Need

  2. I agree with trying to soak up summer. I goes way to fast and the school year drags on too slow. Best wishes in the coming year.

  3. Good luck on your new school based job. I hope you love it!