Friday, September 27, 2013

Peek At My Week 9/27

Now that it's almost the end of September, I felt like some fall activities would be just the ticket this week!

Craft: Handprint Trees and Falling Leaves 

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I've seen Pinterest pins using all sorts of handprints for different crafts, but most included paint. With such short sessions, I didn't want to have to worry about washing hands! My school has an elision cutter, so I cut some assorted tiny leaves out of red, green, yellow, and orange paper. I had my students trace there hands for the tree part and glue on some leaves. The picture below was my sample for them to see a finished product. 

We talked about synonyms (fall/autumn, etc), multiple meaning words (fall, trunk), answered WH questions about the fall season, talked about the process of leaves turning pretty colors and falling off the trees and generally had a good time. For some of my younger kids, we read We're Going On a Leaf Hunt, which is a great book!

I see preschool-6th grade students with a wide range of goals, so I used the craft with almost all the students, but tailored drill-like activities around it. If they were articulation kids, I wrote some words on their leaves to take home and practice. If they were language kids, they got to glue a couple leaves after answering a question or two. It was a great way to target a variety of goals while still making speech fun AND effective. 

What did you do this week?

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  1. Great idea! Wish one of my schools had that small leaf die!