Friday, September 13, 2013

Peek At My Week: First Full Week

Decided to start a new blog feature called Peek At My Week. No promises that it will happen EVERY week, as life can sometimes get in the way. I will do my very best though!

This was the first full week of students. I was going strong until this morning when all energy seemed to just disappear. I mean, like nowhere to be found. I did manage to make it through the day, but by the time I left at 4PM, I was beat. I'm sure many of you can relate to this feeling!

My week went like this:

Monday: Students are let out around 1pm, so I didn't have as many students/groups to see. That was a nice ease-in to the week. Everything seemed to go smoothly, which sort of freaked me out.

Tuesday: I did several schedule changes as I went to pick up kids, realized different times weren't working, etc. Had fun meeting more students and putting faces to names to goals. I tend to start associating kids with goals early on, so that I'm not constantly checking my excel sheet with names/goals. Sharing a space also means figuring out what I need to bring and where I can take students when I'm not in that space!

Wednesday: More schedule changes. I realized that some kids that I had originally put together may not work well together, which resulted in more schedule changes. 

Thursday: M.S.C. It has now become an acronym in my head. I write on post-its, scribble on my clipboard, etc. in a desperate effort to keep it all straight! I met some more of my students and kept linking faces to names. Participated in a couple meetings, which helped to see how things are run at my school. 

Friday: Hit the wall. As in, brick wall to the face. Done. I did see some students today, though not as many and made M.S.C. It's all good. It's Friday, people!!

Good things: I loved meeting all the kids. When asked what they did in speech last year, I got a variety of answers...some of which made me laugh. One thing is for sure: I love working with kids and figuring out new and different ways to address all their goals. It's sure going to be a rollercoaster of a year!


  1. That sounds very similar to the week I had!!

  2. Are you thinking about doing this as a link-up? I'd participate, for sure! :)
    I'm trying to get a Wed. feature going: "Wednesday Waffs", so write down those funny things!