Tuesday, September 3, 2013

School Is Back In Session (and a new APP COMPANION PACKET)!

And breatheeeeee a big sigh of relief that the first day of school is OVER! I thought I was so prepared: my (8th) schedule was set, I'd ventured outside of my "room" without the school map a few times, I remembered some teachers' names, and I was ready to go. Right?! 

Well, maybe not so much...

The day went quickly and it was fun to see all the kids excited about coming back to school. But I didn't really accomplish anything other than going into some of the classrooms to at least put faces to names. I have to complete kindergarten screenings this week, so I will do the dry run of my schedule next week. Good thing this week is only 4 days!!!

It will get better. I did want to share something exciting that I finally finished up last week. If you remember my speech/language companion packet for the My PlayHome app, then you'll love the latest addition to my TpT store: My PlayHome STORES Companion Packet! I received permission from the author to create this one too! This one has all the same pages as the original one, plus a few different ones. Take a peek at some of the pages below:

It includes:
pg. 3-6: vocabulary for each store
pg. 7-10: 1 step directions separated by store
pg. 11-13: 2 step directions
pg. 14: 3 step directions
pg. 15-18: concepts that can be targeted by store
pg. 20: receptive clue activity
pg. 21: expressive activity
pg. 21-24: life skills questions targeted by store
pg. 25-28: price lists – Give your students play money and have them purchase items.
pg. 29: additional activity ideas

I hope you'll try this one out! I'm giving one away for free, so enter below:


  1. I would love to win this to use for extension activities for the app, maybe for homework.

  2. I would love to win this to accompany the app. Your packet for My Playhome is great, I'm sure this new one will be too.

  3. This packet looks very comprehensive - something I could use with all of my students (PK, 1st and 3rd).

  4. This is amazing! I have so many language kiddos I could use this with! I love it! Thanks for sharing & the giveaway opportunity! :)

  5. I love this app sooo much! I make my husband play it when new things are added! He doesn't think it's quite as cool as I do though :) This seriously is the app I use the most w/my kiddies..ok who are we kidding, I just want to play it too! Thanks for your hard work :)

  6. This is seriously my favorite app! I make my husband play it when new things are added :) Unfortunately he doesn't think it's quite as cool as I do! I use this app the most but really who are we kidding, I just want to play it! Thanks for all your hard work :)

  7. I want this great packet because I love your first companion for My Playhome!

  8. What a creative idea!

  9. I just won this pack! Thank you so much for the giveaway! I get so stuck in using apps like this for a reinforcement/reward that I forget how much language is here that I could be using it for. Thanks for coming up with the ideas for the packet.