Monday, November 25, 2013

A-HA Moment: Invitation App

Haven't had one of my A-HA moments in awhile, so one was bound to happen soon. The other day, I was thinking about different ways to target WH questions. Sometimes I get bored (gasp) with my apps and other activities that target these types of questions. I was perusing the app store aimlessly, looking for something fun and interesting and stumbled upon this gem: Leo's Card & Invitation Maker. Best part? It's free. 

As you can see in the picture below, you have the choice to make a card or an invitation. For my purposes, I chose make an invitation.

You are taken to this page where you can add stickers and/or draw something. This would be a great way to work on requesting! When you're done, you ring the bell in the top right hand corner of the page.

You are taken to this page, where the WH magic can happen! The picture you created from the first page is now on the right side of the "invitation." You can now work on answering functional WH questions. Have your students pretend they are throwing the party by answering the following questions:

What is the name of your party?
Why are you having a party?
Who is hosting the party?
When will your party be?
When does the party start? 
When does the party end?
Where is the party taking place?
What message should you add to let people know more about the party?

The invitations are saved in the gallery. If you return to the home screen and choose "View Gallery," you can see past invitations. I like to make one to use as an example and we practice answering the WH questions from an already made invitation before making others.

Disclaimer: I was not asked by the developer to review this app. I found it useful and decided to post my own independent review!

Do you think you'll try out this app?

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