Saturday, November 2, 2013

Carryover Linky

Jenn from Crazy Speech World started a linky party for carryover. This is an awesome idea because I think it's an area that our students can really struggle with. Similarly, I'm sure SLPs are banging their collective heads against the wall when we KNOW our kids can produce their sounds perfectly in our rooms and forget all speech-related things when they walk out the door.

Here's some of the things I do:

1. I did a Clinical Skills Confidence post back in August about this very subject [freebie alert]. This post gives some helpful tips about carryover, including nonverbal cues (which are my go-to method). 

2. Now that I'm back in the schools, I will sometimes "drop in" to classrooms to check up on students. It's funny when some of them will automatically start paying more attention to how they're saying words. I have also placed visuals on the students' desks to remind them of correct placement.

3. At my school, the kids broadcast the morning announcements onto TVs in all the classrooms. Getting your students to do this is a great way to take speech outside the therapy room!

4. Have your students find a peer "artic" buddy, who can help them monitor their speech in the classroom! Keeps them accountable when you're not around!

5. Tongue Twisters are a great way to start working on carryover - check out one of my first TpT products that works on these here!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else does! 

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  1. I really like the idea of using it on the morning announcements! Thanks for linking up!