Monday, November 18, 2013

Gimme some apps!

I have found some new apps that I really enjoy using in therapy lately. With so many apps out there, I doubt you'll find two SLPs that have the same ones on their iPad! Some of my recent finds are:

  • My Little Suitcase (free): This one is great for the preschool-kindergarten crowd. Choose different items based on where you're going. This would be great for vocabulary development, describing, answering WH questions, and expressive language.
  • Snow Wonder (free): This one is great for the winter season. Build a snowman! Students can work on describing, requesting, and WH questions.
  • Autism Emotion (free): Works on emotions using music and pictures!
  • FindMe Autism (free): Find the person in the scene. You can also work on vocabulary and questions within this app.
  • ABA What Doesn't Belong (free): Work on reasoning skills with this app, which can help with problem solving skills. It works on colors and expressive language skills if you have the student describe WHY something doesn't belong
These are just some of the free ones that I use fairly frequently! What apps do you find yourself using over and over again?

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