Saturday, November 23, 2013

Love It and List It Linky

This month's Love It and List It from Speech Room News features articulation apps. Here are my picks:

1. Speech Therapy for Apraxia: I like to use this one for my young kids who are working at that CV level or who might have several errors. It's a simple app, but effective with these littler ones. I just recently saw they have a word level one as well, which I might end up purchasing!
Below you can see the different sounds you can focus on, plus there are multiple levels. 

2. Pocket SLP The R App: This is great for my older students who are working on /r/. It's simple and works well for drilling this sound!

3. Articulate It from Smarty Ears: I wrote a review about this one a little while ago. It's all inclusive and amazing. Read more about this one here.

4.  Pocket SLP Tell Me A Story: This app does double duty. After listening to a story, the student can retell it. Great for language building, but also for carryover practice.

5. Finally, this isn't an app. I frequently use the video function on my iPad and just record the student. We listen to it and rate how it sounded!

What do you use? Make sure to check out the recommendations of other SLP bloggers by checking out Jenna's post here!

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