Friday, November 15, 2013

Peek At My Week 11/15

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We did not have Veteran's Day off so I used the day as a loose theme for the week. For some of my language groups we read A Day For Veterans, which is a passage from ReadWorks. I have gotten so much use out of my free subscription to ReadWorks this year alone! We discussed vocabulary words in the passage and why we are thankful for the veterans who serve our country. I also found this cute freebie from Millers Flip Flops with various vocabulary words related to Veteran's Day. Suggestions were to sort the words into categories like people, places, or things or to write sentences with the words. I had some of my older students sort into "I know" and "I don't know" piles. I then provided a sentence using the word for the "I don't know" words to see if they could use context clues to figure out the words. 

I also broke out my Zulilly's purchase that came in the mail the other day: Hot Dots! If you're interested in trying out Zulilly, you can use this referral link if you want.
P.S. Once you sign up, YOU get your own referral link so you can get your friends to sign up! It's a website with daily deals for the whole family. They had a big Hot Dots event a few weeks back that I jumped on. This was new and exciting for a lot of my students. I tried the context clues box this week and it was a major hit!

Something that was not related to a holiday were these Melissa and Doug reusable sticker scenes that I picked up on sale at Target. These were great for a lot of my kids and goals! I highly recommend them and may take myself back to Target to pick up another one this weekend (like that would be a gigantic chore). I especially liked using these to have the kids give ME specific directions on where to place items. 

Did you have school/work on Veteran's Day?

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  1. What are "hot dots"--is it those dot marker things? I have been looking for those things and don't know where to get them.