Sunday, January 12, 2014

What Do You Do "Old School?"

I know that lots of apps nowadays have data tracking features, which are supposed to make our SLP lives easier. But it's time for me to confess:

I don't use them. 



Once you've recovered from the shock, let me explain. For whatever reason, I still like pencil/paper. I think it's a habit from grad school. I always administered tests in pencil - and I still do! I like to take data in pencil in case I need to erase. 

So I still use good "old fashioned" data sheets and do all my data online during sessions. I don't ever use the data collection features in apps. Maybe it's because I like the security of knowing I have a paper copy of it in case the app crashes. Or maybe not. 

Are there any "old school" habits you have? Fess up! 


  1. You are not alone! I take data the old fashion way too - paper/pencil. I also have a paper calendar and am probably the only one in the building without a smart phone!

  2. I also take data using paper (well, actually with labels!)/pencil. I do an awful lot of things "old school"! :)