Friday, February 7, 2014

Peek At My Week 2/7

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It's February and full steam ahead! For the craft this week, I decided to use the foam snowflakes I picked up on clearance after the holidays. I had the kids use dot markers on them in any design they chose. It was a nice way to keep kids busy if it wasn't their turn.

I decided to start the Valentine's Day train with a book called The Valentine Bears by Eve Bunting and Jan Brett. It's a cute story that features a bear couple that come out of hibernation to enjoy a lovely Valentine's Day. It was great for listening comprehension, making predictions, and generally getting into the V-Day spirit! 

I used my Broken Hearted NPST activity with my older grades and they enjoyed it! I also wanted to share a resource that I've been using a lot called AAC Language Lab from Prentke Romich. You can find some free lesson plans and resources on this site. It works well with my students with autism (not all of them use AAC devices either). What did you do this week?

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