Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How Do You Use It Linky?

Happy April Fool's Day! I did not play any tricks on my students. One of my 6th graders did tell me I had something in my hair as a joke, but that was the extent of things for me.

Another month, another How Do You Use It? Linky from Speech Time Fun. This month, it's popsicle sticks! This is how I find myself most frequently using popsicle sticks:

1. Makeshift tongue depressors for articulation placement: yep, they work just as well.
2. Make signs, masks or other crafts - all you need in most cases is a paper plate, some tape, and a popsicle stick and you can make tons of different crafts. Search Pinterest for inspiration!
3. Quick and easy game: put point values on each stick, put them in a container and you have yourself a fun game! I've seen many here

These little wooden sticks are so versatile! Don't forget to link up and/or check out how other SLP bloggers use them! 


  1. I wrote synonyms and antonyms on colored ones for kiddos to match.

  2. great ideas!! thanks for linking up!!