Wednesday, April 23, 2014

U.T.F. Unexpected Therapy Find Linky Party

Melanie at The Speech Place has started a linky party for U.T.F. or Unexpected Therapy Find. This month features apps. I love finding apps that aren't designed specifically for speech therapy, but seem to work wonderfully during sessions. 

Here are the ones I find myself frequently using:

Oscar Pizza Chef: This is a cute app featuring 10 recipes for different pizzas. You have to follow the recipe exactly, otherwise the monster at the end gets mad and throws it. Great for following directions and it's quick!

Show Me: This is a simple whiteboard app. Sometimes I'll open it to do comparing and contrasting and the kids really just like to write on the iPad. The little things that will motivate them sometimes! You can also make recordings, which is good for artic students. Just write a list of words and have them record and rate themselves!

Speak Colors: This is a simple app that I use with younger kids when I'm trying to increase utterance length. There is a phrase and sentence level and you're show a color and an item of the same color. 

You can record the sentence as well, which is extra motivating!

Those are some of the U.T.F. apps that I frequently use! Don't forget to check out other SLP bloggers who linked up to share their finds!


  1. I have not heard of Speak Colors or Oscar Pizza Chef. I will definitely be checking these out!

  2. Thank you joining my linky party! I am going to add those apps tonight.