Friday, April 11, 2014

Peek At My Week 4/11

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It's official: the week before spring break makes everyone crazy! I think we all are ready for a break! But before we go, here's a peek at what we did this week. I made paper plate nests with eggs with the younger kids. It involved strips of brown paper glued onto paper plates (how I love paper plates), with multicolored eggs glue on top. Easy peasy. We have a elision cutter with mini eggs so that part was extra easy.

Not related, but we read a fun new book I picked up called It's Time To Sleep, You Crazy Sheep! by Alison Ritchie. Again this week, my artic kids had a great time listening to the story for their words. I don't know what it is about this activity lately, but they take great pleasure in shouting out when they've found a word with their sound. It's a little difficult to read fluently when this is happening, haha, but I love that their excited about it. It's a great way to start making them responsible for listening to their sounds.

I got brave and decided to paint with some of my kids. I found some lollipop sticks in a drawer and used those to make "dot art." Cleanup was easy because I just threw them away!

We also used the plastic eggs from last week and some other activities here and there. My older kids love getting a chance to use the Hot Dots that I got on sale at Zulily (<-- referral link). Super Duper has had some great sales on here lately, as well as Hot Dots, so it's worth checking out!

We are all happy to be on spring break!

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  1. I have my linky up! (hint, hint!!!) :)
    I found some plastic eggs in my drawer that I had forgotten about! I've got to find some way to use them next week!