Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A-HA Moment: iPad Camera

I use the camera/audio recording feature of my iPad at least a few times a week. Today, I decided to use it differently and it was a total A-HA moment. I was working with a couple 2nd graders and we were reading one of Nicole Allison's Nonfiction Texts for Spring/Summer (<---- these are amazing and made my life so much easier this week). I was having the students answer questions and then at the end of the session, I wanted them to create complete sentences to tell me what they learned about tulips. I wanted them to self-critique whether or not they actually produced a complete sentence. 

So I turned on the camera, aimed it at the student, and pushed record. Magic happened. After the initial giggles, they were totally motivated and wanted their turn. After their turn, we talked about if they said a complete sentence or not. I can see this working for tons of skills!

Dare I say I've found a way to get kids excited about talking? I hope so!! Do you use this feature for this purpose? 

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