Saturday, May 17, 2014

Double Sided Flip Book

This week, I posted this picture on my Facebook page (follow me for giveaways, sales, news, and fun):

So I promised to do a blog post on this happy accident. This is how I made it. I took a sheet of construction paper (regular 9x11 or whatever, it doesn't matter) and cut it into 4 strips. You can do more if you want. 

Then I lined them up in a downward staggered pile, like this:

Then I cut the stack in half. You can see the staggered side on the right here. It's the same on the left, just turned over: 

I flipped one side so that you can see the staggered portions on both sides and stapled it twice at the top. You can use this for anything - I used it for categories this week. 

I love those happy accidents! 

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