Friday, May 2, 2014

Peek At My Week 5/2

We ushered the month of May in this week. Albeit, with a lot of rain here. 

I did a lot of testing this week, so I chose a craft that was super easy and involved glue, cupcake liners and some paper. My younger kiddos love to bring something home with them. I see a lot of them for articulation/phonology, so it's nice to have something hands on they can do in between drill. 

I pulled out Formulating Questions Fiesta to work on asking questions. I seem to have a lot of kids who are working on describing attributes, so Describing Dash also made an appearance this week. 

One new thing that I discovered: I pulled out my Connect Four game to use with some preschoolers. There are 42 spaces for coins. I told them that we were going to "fill it up." I'm doing cycles with these two and drill can get somewhat boring. I told them we were going to see how fast we could fill it up and then we'd let it go "crash." I had each student do 5 words and put in 2-3 coins before I covered the top with my arm. It kept their attention and got more drill out of them!

This week was more about survival as I wasn't feeling particularly well. Some weeks are just like that. Next week, I have a cute craft planned for Mother's Day! Stay tuned!

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