Friday, June 6, 2014

Find & Fix Task Cards [freebie]

June?!?!?! This month, my Speechie Freebie contribution are some task cards. Why? Because once we hit June, the light at the end of the "summer vacation" tunnel is getting larger. I'm not there yet, but I'm getting closer.

I created these task cards because I have several students who are working on irregular past tense verbs. I think it's crucial for them to be able to identify if a sentence sounds correct or incorrect. Each task card has one sentence with an incorrect verb that they need to find and fix. Download yours here!

Example of a task card:


  1. Where do I click to get a copy?

  2. I can't click anywhere to get the freebie...?

    1. Oops - Annette, I have the link on the "download your copy here" up above the pictures. I realized I had 2 sentences and only one linked! Sorry!

  3. Whoops! Just noticed the link... I think it was too early in the morning to try and be productive! :)