Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How Do You Use It? Linky

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Another month, another linky party! This month, Speech Time Fun is hosting her How Do You Use It linky and featuring clothespins. I've used different kinds of clothespins, but I seem to favor the wooden ones, like these:

These are some ways I use them:

1. Recently, I handed them to a student and had him clip them onto various items in the room. We then described the item that he had clipped the pins onto.

2. Clip a bunch to a paper plate. For every word/sentence/task the student completes, take one off the plate. First one to take them all off wins.

3. You can use the big wooden ones for sorting initial, medial, and final position target words. You know the ones that are from craft stores that some people use to hold pictures. 

Those are just a few ideas!


  1. I like the paper plate idea!

  2. love the ideas!! especially the plate idea!! thanks for linking up!