Friday, June 6, 2014

Peek At My Week 6/6

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Only a few more Peek At My Week posts left for this school year. 2 to be exact, since that last week isn't a full one anyway. Next school year, I'm planning to do the posts at the beginning of the week so that you can get ideas of what I plan to do for the week and it will hopefully help YOU plan too.

This week the book was Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey. This is an adorable black and white book about a little girl who goes blueberry picking with her mom. While out picking, they run into some other creatures and there's a mix-up of children.

I printed a simple black and white basket from My Cute Graphics and cut out some "blueberries" to glue onto the basket. Simple! We wrote words on the blueberries or talked about the characters, setting, our favorite parts and the ending. 

A bunch of my students are working on synonyms and antonyms. I found a way to motivate them and all you need are some stickers. I wrote out 25 words, each with a line. If they could give me a synonym/antonym right away, I wrote it on the line and they put a sticker next to it. We added up all the stickers and they now have a challenge to beat themselves next session. Surprisingly simple, but it worked very well! 

Those were the highlights of my week. If you're still in school or doing therapy, what did you do?

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